New GeForce 9400 GT costs only $59

Slowly but surely, Nvidia continues to replace its old low-end graphics cards with new models in the GeForce 9 series. The company must be about done now, though, because its latest new card—the GeForce 9400 GT—has just launched at only $59.

According to the official spec sheet, this new offering has 16 stream processors, a 550MHz core clock speed, a 1400MHz shader speed, and 512MB of 400MHz memory (that's an "effective" 800MHz) pumping data through a 128-bit interface. Memory bandwidth adds up to only 12.8GB/s, while texture fill rate stands at a paltry 4.4 billion texels/second (about a tenth of the GeForce 9800 GTX's fill rate).

The GeForce 9400 GT in all its stripped-down glory. Source: Nvidia.

Nvidia says we can look forward to 9400 GT cards from a plethora of manufacturers, from Asus and BFG to PNY and XFX. Albatron, for one, has dropped us a line to announce its 9400GT-512, a GeForce 9400 GT with its DDR2 memory clocked at 667MHz. The firm claims its card "more than doubles the performance of its predecessor, the 8400GS, thanks in part to 65 nm process technology and a 128-bit memory bus." A quick look at Newegg shows one 9400 GT already in stock: a $59.99 MSI N9400GT-MD512 with a custom cooler and an HDMI connector.

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