Howdy again from Nvision.  Sorry about my laptop giving out during the live blog of the keynote yesterday.  On the bright side, you all didn't miss too much in terms of true tech news after that. I do think it's time for a new laptop, though.  Seems like this relatively new battery is dying already, which means Sharp must be shipping old batteries as replacements.  Forget that.

Any suggestions on an 11"-13.3" laptop, sub-four-pounds, with six-plus hours of battery life and a transreflective display?  Good tactile feedback on the keyboard is a must. I'm seriously tempted to order up an Eee PC 1000H and see if that will suffice.

Today I'm using an Eee PC 901, and right now, I'm watching Tim Sweeney and another guy from Epic giving a demo of Unreal Engine 3.  They've already showed a bit of Gears of War 2 that looks sweet, very intense. 

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