Asus CUSL2-C hits retail... Japan, that is. After reading those Intel Pentium 4 / i850 reviews, you can be excused for asking, "cui bono, Intel?" Cast adrift at sea, Intel manages a new refresh of the Pentium III / PC-133 SDRAM combo with the i815EP. Essentially the same as its predecessor the i815E, it does away with the onboard video to give the user a 'true' AGP 4x solution. The chipset features the ICH2 with integrated LAN capability and ATA-100 support. Asus has wasted no time in bringing this chipset to market. It is remarkable to think that an iteration of the i815EP has already been spotted in Japanese stores. AKIBA PC Hotline has got four pictures of the Asus CUSL2-C including the retail box, the motherboard itself, a closer look at the socket, and a shot from another angle. DDR motherboards may quickly outpace this board but the i815EP may make a good interim solution, especially for Intel partisans.
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