Thinner iPod nano, other iPods lurk on the horizon

Apple plans to introduce new iPods very soon. Although the company hasn't announced anything, Mac blogs and gadget sites have amassed enough evidence to make that prediction a near-certainty.

Yesterday, Apple Gazette quoted Digg founder Kevin Rose as saying Apple will announce the new portable media players on September 9. Rose made the revelation in the latest This Week In Tech podcast, in which he also mentioned that iTunes 8 software will become available on the same day. In a post on his own blog last week, Rose had shown a picture of a new iPod nano and said Apple would price new iPods lower "to distance [them] from the $199 iPhone."

Now, Engadget has come upon photos of a new aftermarket rubber case for the nano. The design is meant to accommodate an elongated player with a large display exactly like the one in Rose's photo. Engadget has photos of a new iPod touch case, too, but those don't suggest a radically new player design.

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