Samsung whips up speedy SSDs for netbooks

The netbook market is booming, and so is demand for low-density solid-state drives as a result. Samsung intends to capitalize on that expansion with three new multi-level-cell SSDs aimed squarely at low-cost PCs.

These new SSDs have 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities, and they all come in tiny form factors roughly 30% the size of typical 2.5" laptop drives. Despite the size restrictions, Samsung says it used the same 300MB/s Serial ATA controller technology as in its new high-end 128GB SSD, resulting in rather peppy performance.

The Korean firm quotes sequential read speeds of 90MB/s for all three models. Sequential write speeds range from 25MB/s for the 8GB drive to 70MB/s for its 32GB big brother—not bad even when compared to full-sized, high-density SSDs.

Samsung is already sampling the drives, and it expects mass production to begin next month. Without quoting any prices, the firm mentions these new SSDs are "highly cost-efficient to manufacture."

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