750MHz Athlon details revealed

The boy wonder has done it again, reviewing AMD's new 750MHz Athlon just as AMD makes it official. Among the details revealed in the review: the 750MHz version of the chip is built with a .18-micron feature size, and "the Athlon 750 runs the L2 cache at 1/2.5 or at 0.4 times the clock speed of the CPU." Because of the cache speed difference, Anand's tests show the 750MHz Athlon just slightly outrunning the 700MHz version. The Athlon is also neck-and-neck with Intel's 733MHz PIII in most tests.

AMD has confirmed much of this information with a press release this morning. Note that the .18-micron process used to make the 750MHz Athlon isn't yet using copper:

The 750MHz AMD Athlon processor is the first processor that is built using AMD's aluminum 0.18-micron manufacturing process, and new AMD Athlon processors are now being built using that advanced technology. The 0.18-micron manufacturing process shrinks the size of the AMD Athlon processor die, enabling faster processor speeds and lowering power consumption.
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