Emusic's making a list...

Ok, so not quite that time of year just yet, but it would seem that according to this article over at Wired, Emusic has developed a tracking system that monitors Napster users. Doing what Napster called impossible, Emusic engineers can now continually monitor Napster's network looking for illegal music files.
By tracking the MD5 checksum, which uniquely identifies the original source of a song, Hoffman said that Emusic would be able to track files that were being made available from one individual to other Napster users.

Once infringing users are identified, they would then receive an instant message warning them to remove the materials from the network within 24 hours or be faced with having their account blocked by Napster.

The system would also track the Internet protocol addresses of the infringing users, which would enable Emusic to send a takedown notice directly to the user's ISP if necessary.

Of course, this won't make any difference for people using Napster to trade MP3s that have been released free of any copyright restrictions. I mean that's what Napster's really for, isn't it?
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