Bloomberg publishes premature Steve Jobs obituary

Steve Jobs has joined the likes of Alfred Nobel, Pope John Paul II, and Fidel Castro in the long list of celebrities whose obituaries have been published prematurely. In this particular case, Gawker reports that Bloomberg accidentally published a 17-page draft obituary for the Apple CEO yesterday afternoon.

The draft says Jobs “helped make personal computers as easy to use as telephones, changed the way animated films are made, persuaded consumers to tune into digital music and refashioned the mobile phone.” After a brief introduction, Bloomberg’s obituary launches into a lengthy overview of Jobs’ life and career, from his adoption to the original Apple Computer and the iPhone. The text is sprinkled with emotional quotes, like one from Bill Gates who in 1998 said of the Apple founder, “In terms of an inspirational leader, Steve Jobs is really the best I’ve ever met.”

More embarrassingly, the draft obituary apparently included contact information for executives and PR staffers at Apple, Pixar, Intel, Google, and others. Oh, and Jobs’ ex-girlfriend. According to Gawker, Bloomberg published the obituary in an attempt to update its internal copy.

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