Rumors about Abit quitting the mobo market re-emerge

Back in May, a Taiwanese website reported that Abit was considering a pullout from the motherboard market. As the rumor went, Abit would quit making motherboards and change vocations if its Intel P45-express based boards didn't sell well. Abit's own marketing director quelled the rumors a couple of days later, though, mentioning strong sales and saying, "[Abit] stays committed to motherboards and has a broad lineup of motherboards ready."

That's the last we'd heard of it until today. now claims "sources close to South East Asian distributors" have given it exclusive confirmation that Abit will stop making motherboards at the end of this year. Those sources allegedly expect Abit salespeople to notify distributors "from today onwards."

If Abit does retire from the motherboard stage, the firm may not leave customers behind. implies that Abit will continue to honor product warranties and offer returns for faulty hardware all the way until 2012. Meanwhile, the company will supposedly switch gears and start making consumer electronics products like LCD picture frames and mobile Internet devices.

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