— 2:34 AM on November 22, 2000


  1. MS Security Bulletin (MS00-089): "domain account lockout" vulnerability in Win2k
  2. Hardware One's Gateway Performance XL 1500 review (Pentium 4)
  3. NewsForge's usability comparison: Whistler vs. Gnome 1.2, KDE 2.0, Mandrake update
  4. 3D Spotlight's Win2k: improving compatibility & gaming performance
  5. Ask Ars! takes on the Xeon
  6. 3DnHardware's overclocking tips for every budget
  7. Hypothermia's 1 GHz PIII & Abit BE-6 2 RAID (thanks)giveaway contest

  1. RIVA Station's Comdex report: NVIDIA (in English)
  2. 3DGPU interviews NVIDIA's Brian Burke
  3. Active-Hardware reviews ATi Radeon 32MB DDR

  1. ZDNet Gamespot exclusive: LucasArts cancels Obi-Wan for PC
  2. The Tech Zone reviews Largan Easy 800 digital camera
  3. SystemLogic reviews Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32A (TR's review is here)
  4. Target PC reviews MidiLand S4-3050M speakers
Cases and cooling

  1. ProCooling's "Double Header 3" sneak peaks
  2. Athlon.OC's project water coolin
  3. Hardware.OC's Tt Super Orb vs. OCZ Monster II
  4. Overclocking @ QGL's case mods gallery
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