Spy shots of 120GB, 16GB Zunes hit the web

As Apple puts the finishing touches on its next-generation iPods (or so recent reports would have one think), Microsoft is hot on the Mac maker's heels. A Canadian tipster has supplied Zune fan-site Zunited with several pictures of upcoming portable media players from Redmond.

The shots show a 120GB hard-drive-based player and a box for what looks like a 16GB flash-based Zune, both with pretty much the same designs as existing models. For those who haven't followed Microsoft's highly exciting handheld player antics, we should point out that current flash Zunes top out at 8GB, and their bulkier, mechanical brethren only store up to 80GB.

Pictures of the purported 120GB device look legit, with mention of the storage capacity in all the right places: on the box, at the back of the player, and in the user interface's "storage" screen, which reports 8.12GB used and 103.5GB free (or something like that; the photo looks pretty blurry). Unfortunately, Zunited says neither when the new players will come out nor how much Microsoft will charge for them.

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