Site tests Radeon HD 4650, 4670 in Crysis

How will AMD's next-generation budget graphics cards perform in today's most graphically intensive shooter? We'll need to run benchmarks ourselves to be sure, but German site Hardware-Infos has come upon some early Crysis numbers for the Radeon HD 4650 and 4670.

At 1680x1050 with the game's detail level set to "Medium," Hardware-Infos' chart shows the 4670 hitting 39 frames per second and the 4650 achieving 21 FPS. At 1440x900/Medium, the same two cards reach 49 and 28 FPS, respectively—both playable by Crysis standards. Compared to the existing Radeon HD 3850, the 4670 looks to be only 1-2FPS slower.

Of course, that kind of performance might prove a little lackluster if Hardware-Infos' pricing information holds up. The site claims the 4670 will cost $129 at launch, which would put it in the same playing field as Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GT. Meanwhile, the Radeon HD 4650 will supposedly launch at $109, roughly $10 more expensive than the Radeon HD 3850 and about as much as some of the cheapest 8800 GTs out there. AMD could make some pricing adjustments before release, but going by this information, the two new Radeons sound like they both need sub-$100 price tags.

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