Dr. Tom has second thoughts about Willy

In response to a reader query, Tom's Hardware Guide has updated their Pentium 4 review with a rejoinder entitled "The Most Controversial x86-Processor Of All Time." Second thoughts from the great Dr. Tom?
Our Pentium 4 review from Monday ended with a rather benevolent conclusion for Intel's new flagship processor. However, new data shows that Pentium 4 performs horribly even in MPEG4-encoding, once you use high quality settings. Those new findings don't leave a lot of room for positive feelings about Pentium 4. This update will show you another weakness of Pentium 4, which inevitably leads to much harsher conclusions.
It won't change your mind about this processor. With the growing interest in DVD-/+R's, their "MPEG4 - copying a DVD video to CD-ROM" is worth a look if you missed it the first time.
What we are presenting here is almost a sensation. Just imagine: With the help of a small tool it is possible to store the content of complete DVDs on a CD-ROM without any noticeable loss of quality. This makes buying an expensive DVD burner with limited memory capacity obsolete. On top of that: The nifty program can be downloaded from the Internet for free and is quite versatile.
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