Samsung gives Blu-ray five years to go

Like VHS did in the video cassette era, Blu-ray has emerged as the victor of the high-definition format wars. How long will Blu-ray continue to reap the rewards of its success? Not very long, if a Samsung executive's predictions come to pass.

In a chat with British website Pocket-lint, Samsung UK Consumer Electronics Director Andy Griffiths predicted that Blu-ray will be obsolete by 2013. "I think it [Blu-ray] has 5 years left, I certainly wouldn't give it 10," he stated bluntly.

Griffiths didn't go into much detail about his reasoning, but he gave a few hints: "In 2012 we will be in a true HD world. Everything from your television to your camcorder will be offering you pictures in high-definition, and we plan to offer you that HD world from all angles." He went on to say Samsung is betting on organic LED technology, and OLED-based TVs should become mainstream by 2010.

For the time being, though, Blu-ray seems to be doing quite well. "We are heavily back-ordered at the moment," Griffiths told Pocket-lint, estimating that 2008 will be the year of Blu-ray.

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