Itanium's pilot program

Intel's Itanium remains a lonely voice among the hullabaloo over the Pentium 4. ZDNet reports on Itanium's pilot program.
Experimental Itanium systems will be available to selected participants in early 2001. Intel says hundreds are due by the second quarter.

Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) will begin selling a Itanium-based Precision workstation based on the pilot program beginning in early 2001. The "development" workstations will have a limited configuration, with either single- or dual-Itanium processors and synchronous dynamic RAM.

The first Itanium workstation customers will include content creators, CAD designers, and software developers, Cole predicted.

The Itanium ramp-up is "probably going a little slower than I think Intel would have hoped, but not a lot slower," said Mike Feibus, principal at Mercury Research. "This was never meant to be a million-unit kind of thing."

But how will it do in SPEC?
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