Team Arena freebie

Ok, so it's not totally free, but id Software is releasing a 120MB demo for their eagerly anticipated Team Arena add-on for Quake 3 tonight. It's a standalone demo, meaning that you don't have to have any previous versions of Quake 3 Arena on your system (which somewhat justifies the download's hefty size):
I have a few notes to share with everyone at this time. First, the Demo is stand alone. You don't need Quake III installed to try it out. The file size is around 120 meg (big, yes, but keep reading). We are including one level that plays all of the new game types (Harvester, Overload, One-Flag) and CTF. We are also including 2 models and 2 model heads. The map contains 3 of the 4 new powerups, one of the new weapons and one new holdable item. All of this is explained within the Demo, of course.

Also contained are all of the brand new UI items. On this, you'll just have to trust me that it's cool because I'd have to write a book to tell you about everything included. Mod authors will love what they're going to be able to do with it (I think Duffy is going to make an update about that over the weekend or early next week). You should definitely play around with this stuff and check out everything we've added. Menus, orders, team commands, setup options, etc. are all worth checking out because you'll want to save these in new config files for TA

I'll try to link a mirror or two in the comments section when the download goes live for those of you who will want to grab it right away. You can check out Todd Hollenshead's full .plan update at the Shack.
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