Howdy all. Hope you had a good weekend. 'twas a busy one around here. In case you missed this, we posted my Eee PC 901 review late on Friday afternoon, and then we did an update on our Tech Share project on Saturday. In addition, this week's podcast is heavily fortified with info we haven't published anywhere else, including a big AMD roadmap update and info on some cool technologies that were being shown at Nvision.

Also, at long last, my Sprint contract expired, and I was finally able to join the ranks of iPhone users this weekend. I've used a lot of technology for a long time, but I'm still halfway convinced the iPhone runs on magic. Very nice.

As if that weren't somehow enough, I further addressed my mobility needs by ordering up an Eee PC 1000H (the one with an 80GB hard drive rather than an SSD), a 2GB SO-DIMM, and a Bluetooth mouse. I also ordered a new battery for my Sharp M4000, since that system still has some real life left it in, whether I'm using it or someone else is. Together, these orders kind of defer the purchase of a new "real laptop" for at least a short while. I'm not sure how all of this is going to work out in terms of day-to-day use. I guess I'm going to let the Sharp and the Eee PC battle it out for my affections. But I just couldn't escape the fact that I have wanted a laptop about the size of the 1000H for a long, long time, and relatively speaking, the thing is stinking cheap for its form factor and feature set.

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