Crysis Warhead PC to cost $699, pack GeForce 9

In late July, Chris Remo (of former Shacknews fame) broke the news that Electronic Arts planned to release gaming PCs alongside Crytek's Crysis Warhead. Remo has now returned with more details, including rough specifications for what Crytek calls the "Warhead PC."

Reportedly, the Warhead PC will launch at $699 and feature a 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 processor, an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT graphics card, and 2GB of memory. Gaming PC vendor UltraPC will actually build the machine, but EA, Crytek, and Nvidia were also involved in its development, and EA will have the privilege of unveiling it.

Interestingly, Crytek producer Bernd Diemer told Remo there's more than mere marketing behind the Warhead PC. As the story goes, Crytek built the original system in its Budapest, Hungary office and used it as a reference during Crysis Warhead's development. "If frames were dropping on the Warhead PC on a high graphics level, the team would tweak the game to better scale to the hardware," Remo explains. Crytek went so far as to run "all milestone presentations [it] did for EA" on the PC. Because of those efforts, the Warhead PC can supposedly run Crysis Warhead "in high spec at an average framerate of 30."

Remo says the Warhead PC will go up for pre-order next week, and that it will start shipping out to customers when Crysis Warhead comes out on September 16. Considering the GeForce 9800 GT in the machine is little more than a re-branded GeForce 8800 GT, folks with lesser GPUs might only need to shell out around $110.99 to run the title well.

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