45nm Phenom launch to come in two waves?

According to the latest rumors and leaked roadmaps, AMD will introduce its first 45nm Phenom processors on January 8, 2009. Only two chips clocked at 2.8GHz and 3GHz will be announced, and they'll both fit into current Socket AM2+ mobos. Simple enough, right?

Not quite. DigiTimes posted some fresh AMD rumors this morning, and it has a slightly different story to tell. The site claims two 45nm Socket AM2+ Phenoms are indeed coming, but they'll show up at the end of this year and feature clock speeds in the 2.6-3GHz range. Surprisingly, the report goes on to say a batch of four 45nm, Socket AM3 Phenoms will follow in early January 2009.

These AM3 chips will reportedly include two quad-core models based on the Deneb core and two based on the Propus core. The following quarter, AMD will follow up with a higher-frequency Deneb and some as 45nm, triple-core offerings devoid of 45nm cache (code-named Rana). In May or June, the chipmaker will then phase out its initial 45nm, Socket AM2+ Phenoms to make room for Socket AM3 offerings.

If you ask us, the previous rumors make a whole lot more sense. Who knows, though—perhaps DigiTimes' insiders at motherboard makers do have the real scoop. If that's the case, AMD may have more 45nm CPUs out earlier than the recently leaked roadmap suggests.

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