1. From EBNews: Micron & Hyundai ask FTC to charge Rambus on antitrust violations
  2. AT's Intel mobile CPU & chipset roadmap
  3. Rush3D on DigitalDNA from Motorola
  4. Tweak3D on how CPUs are made
  5. MS Security Bulletin (MS00-090): ".ASX buffer overrrun" and ".WMS script execution" vulnerabilities in WMP
  6. PC Accelerator 5500 shareware
  7. New Tribes 2 trailer@ign pc
  8. Sacrifice demo and retail patch
  9. The Tech Zone does SEMA (aftermarket car show)

  1. More from Sharky Extreme
  2. Part 3 from FiringSquad including Voodoo 5 6000 Quake III (high quality) benchmarks
  3. PowerPoint version of AMD's Comdex coverage@AMDZone

  1. Tyan Tiger 200 (S2505) product info: dual processor Apollo Pro 133A chipset w/onboard Promise FastTrak 100 IDE RAID
  2. Tyan Tiger 230 (S2507) product info: dual processor Apollo Pro 133A chipset
  3. 2CPU reviews AOpen DX6G Plus (Intel 440GX)
  4. OCWorkBench reviews Asus CUSL2-C i815EP
  5. TweakTown reviews MSI K7T Pro 2A
  6. Neoseeker reviews EPoX 3VCA2+ Socket 370
  7. Asus CUSL2 w/o onboard audio 1004_03 beta BIOS
  8. Asus CUSL2 with onboad audio 1003a final BIOS
Networking and multimedia

  1. Digit-Life reviews Intel PRO / Wireless 2011 LAN
  2. The Tech Zone reviews NetGear RT314 router
  3. PC911 reviews Genica "Tavarua" MP3/CD player
  4. Case Modders Australia reviews Mambo-X P300 CD/MP3 player
  5. GA-Hardware reviews VideoLogic Digitheatre 5.1 speakers
  6. Tech Extreme reviews NEC FE-700 17" flat-faced monitor
Case and cooling

  1. 3AG reviews Addtronics 6890a full tower
  2.'s Asetek VapoChill socket part II
  3. The Hardware Pub reviews Arctic Silver thermal adhesive
  4. Maximum3D reviews Alpha P612TM60 Slot 1/A cooler
  5. Tweakmeister reviews TennMax Lasagna BGA cooler
Holiday spirits

  1. Club OC lets you win a MSI 694D Pro with dual PIII 700s O/C -> 933 MHz
  2. Hypothermia's Quake 3: Team Arena giveaway contest (full version when it ships)
  3. Jsi Hardware's mouse bungee giveaway
  4. Apu's Hardware's Dukes of "H4x0r"
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