Left 4 Dead to get the demo treatment

We all love trying before we buy, but not all game developers take the time to release demos these days (case in point: Bethesda with Fallout 3). Luckily, folks looking forward to Valve's co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead will be able to sample a demo before trading a wad of cash for the full game.

According to Videogamer.com, which quotes none other than Valve CEO Gabe Newell himself, Left 4 Dead demos will come out for both the PC and the Xbox 360. Newell expects the demo will let players run around the first of the game's four campaigns, which takes places in a hospital and has already been shown off to the press. The demo will include both single-player and co-operative multiplayer modes, as well.

Unfortunately, Newell said he didn't know of a release date for the demo. Valve may well unveil it some time before Left 4 Dead's November 18/21 launch, although it's not unheard of for demos to come out slightly after full games hit shelves. (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

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