Upgraded MacBooks to show up in mid-October

With all the hype surrounding new iPhones and iPods lately, one might even forget that Apple makes computers. According to a story by CNet News, Apple should remind everyone on Tuesday, October 14, when it will take the wraps off a new line of MacBooks.

Apple always maintains an aura of secrecy around its upcoming products, so that date is little more than a rumor—although it supposedly comes from reputable sources. October 14 sounds plausible, too, since Apple likes to launch new gadgets on Tuesdays.

This coming MacBook refresh may be more exciting than most, because multiple sources suggest Apple won't outfit the notebooks with Intel chipsets. Some educated guesses point to Nvidia as the likely chipset supplier, since the firm's nForce MCPs have better graphics built-in than Intel's products. Apple's decision to skip Centrino 2 might explain why it hasn't updated the MacBooks yet, as well.

Aside from the potentially new chipsets, upcoming MacBooks will feature a "redesigned exterior" and Intel's latest 45nm mobile processors, CNet News predicts. The new lineup could also include a "MacBook touch" with a 13.3", glass-covered touch screen.

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