MS, SGI cool to Fahrenheit

The blokes at The Register have posted an interesting article entitled MS quietly dumps OpenGL support about the disintegration of the joint MS-SGI effort to unify the Direct3D and OpenGL 3D APIs. In light of SGI's recent moves away from their Visual Workstation and Windows NT initiatives, problems with the Fahrenheit project weren't unexpected.

I get the sense, however, that The Register's use of quotations from internal Microsoft correspondence is a bit dodgy. Some quotations seem out of context or downright misconstrued, while others represent only one side of an internal discussion without being treated as such. (Sure it's shocking, but not even MS drones are monolithic.)

The article claims Microsoft pulled OpenGL support out of Windows 2000 betas a while back, but it sure seems to be there the recent Release Candidate versions I've tried. Still, this little quotation is quite juicy:

No driver that ships with Win2k will contain OGL support... vendors will have to supply their own post ship.
True? Doubtful. But the prospect of feature creep moving backward a step or two--for whatever reason--is mighty newsworthy.
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