Leaked roadmap details AMD's desktop plans for '09

Tech rumor sites have spouted a number of reports about AMD's 45nm desktop launch lately, often contradicting each other on the specifics. The team at VR-Zone has now finagled a seemingly official roadmap that clears up the picture a little.

This roadmap shows the Deneb quad-core processors we've already heard about, and it mentions they'll fit in both AM2+ and future AM3 sockets when they come out in late 2008 or early 2009. Later next year, AMD will follow up with higher-end Deneb FX chips and lower-end, L3-cache-free Propus chips both aimed squarely at Socket AM3 motherboards. That's all on the quad-core front, where it looks like AMD will cover both higher and lower price points than it does today.

In the triple- and dual-core worlds, AMD looks to have three different products in the pipeline. Heka will take care of the upper end of the triple-core segment, while Rana will span lower parts of that market, and Regor will cover what's left of the dual-core arena late in 2009. Just like Propus, both Rana and Regor will apparently lack L3 cache. Oh, and all aforementioned CPUs aside from Deneb will be Socket AM3-only.

This roadmap corroborates a separate report that suggested the 45nm Phenom launch would come in two waves: first a pair of Socket AM2+ CPUs, then a greater number of Socket AM3 offerings shortly afterward. Another leaked document snagged by VR-Zone hints that AM3 chips have already started sampling and will come out in February or March 2009.

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