Toshiba's DVD-RAM and 30 GB HDD combo

etown has the scoop.
According to AsiaNet, Toshiba has announced the world's first combo hard-disk drive (HDD) and DVD-RAM video recorder for "taping" TV shows. The RD-2000 goes on sale on December 22 in Japan only; it will cost 270,000 yen (approximately $2500).

The RD-2000 has a 30GB hard-disk drive and a 4.7GB DVD-RAM drive. The two drives combined provide 33.5 hours of video storage. According to the AsiaNet story, that breaks down to 29 hours on the HDD and 4.5 hours on the DVD-RAM drive (at a transfer rate of 2 Mbps). It is expected that consumers would store programs on the HDD, then would archive them onto disc using DVD-RAM technology.

The RD-2000 plays DVD-Video discs, DVD-RAM discs, Video CDs and music CDs. It also supports the DVD Forum-approved Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM).

Hopefully, we will get more info of a possible US release from CES in January.
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