Deutsche Telekom shows possible next-gen MacBook Pro

The rumor mill has been abuzz with speculation about future MacBooks for weeks now, and some sources have even pinned a date on the launch: October 14. You'd expect Apple to keep a pretty tight lid on these upcoming products, but details (and pictures) of unreleased Apple hardware occasionally slip out in unlikely places.

The latest case comes from Deutsche Telekom, whose T-Systems enterprise online store includes pictures of MacBook Pros that, er, don't look anything like current MacBook Pros. One system that's up for sale has the same specs as the current 15", 2.5GHz MBP, but the product photo could very well be depicting a future model.

A quick glance shows a half-inch black border around the screen, in exactly the same style as current-gen iMacs. Look closer, and you'll see hints of a much larger trackpad than before, a bit like what's on the MacBook Air. With all the multi-touch features Apple is cramming into Mac OS X, increasing the size of the trackpad makes sense, too.

That leaves the question of whether this photo is genuine or not. Deutsche Telekom isn't exactly a fly-by-night reseller, and Engadget points out that while the photo looks like an old fan mock-up, notable differences suggest it's something else entirely.

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