GAudi lets you find words inside videos

Wouldn't it be neat if you could not only search YouTube for video names, tags, and authors, but also actual spoken words inside videos? Believe it or not, Google seems to have something like that in mind. At least, that's what you might think after checking out the Google Audio Indexing project on the Google Labs website.

Google, which nicknames the venture GAudi, only has a handful of politically-themed videos up right now. Still, you can already search for text strings and sentences in these videos, and Google slaps a little yellow line in the seek bar so you can quickly find the bits you were looking for. Either that, or you can just click the "play" button next to each search match below the video.

The audio-to-text indexing isn't perfect, of course. GAudi gets some phrases wrong, and it understandably has trouble with allophones and long words. For example, the folks at TG Daily found that GAudi somehow turned "Czechoslovakia" into "tech also but there" in one political speech. Still, the project certainly shows potential, and Google could do some very cool things with it.

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