'The future is fusion' becomes AMD's new tagline

Microsoft isn't the only one with a PR department that's attempting to tread new ground. As we noted in the wee hours of the morning, AMD has decided to change its image to focus on the concept of fusion. The chipmaker's latest campaign unfolded later this morning, replacing the old "Smarter Choice" tagline and unleashing snazzy new logos on the unsuspecting public.

"Until this moment, you might have thought Fusion was the coming together of the CPU and graphics technology on a single chip. But it's more than that; much more," the new Fusion video spot explains with a cheesy voice-over. AMD's Fusion print ad (PDF) elaborates with a little more eloquence:

Fusion is how AMD marries innovation with collaboration. Far more than just the convergence of the CPU and graphics processing, Fusion is how AMD and its partners enable next-generation technologies that change our lives. Fusion is the process where customer needs, dreams, and desires bond with AMD’s own passion for engineering. It is Fusion that fuels this collaborative process and unleashes innovation on an exponential scale.

While the "Smarter Choice" campaign showed up a little late and stuck around a little too long, this latest effort seems to have arrived somewhat early. AMD doesn't plan to release CPU-GPU chimeras until next year, and spouting "Fusion" left and right could dull the impact of that launch. AMD maintains the term aptly describes its overall strategy, though.

You'll find more Fusion marketing materials and videos (including corporate testimonials, or "case studies") at fusion.amd.com. If you own an AMD processor, you might want to check out the newly released Fusion for Gaming utility, as well.

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