news 12 inch thinkpad x200t tablet pc unveiled by lenovo

12-inch ThinkPad X200t tablet PC unveiled by Lenovo

The rumors were true: Lenovo has been covertly working on a tablet version of its ThinkPad X200 laptop. has the scoop on the new ThinkPad X200t tablet and its sibling, the ThinkPad X200s.

Like you’d imagine, the X200t has a 12.1" wide-screen display and form factor similar to the existing ThinkPad X200’s. Lenovo has positioned the X200t’s display on a hinge that can rotate both left and right, and according to, you’ll be able to purchase the machine with either solid-state drives or mechanical hard drives. Battery life shouldn’t disappoint, either: the site quotes a maximum of 10.5 hours with an eight-cell battery.

Check out the video below to see the X200s and X200t in action. The person manhandling the new notebook is Lenovo’s Director of Worldwide ThinkPad Marketing, Tom Ribble.

The X200s doesn’t look too different from the original X200. Ribble says you can keep it going for a whopping 13.5 hours with the nine-cell battery, and judging by’s specs list, it’ll come with SL-series Core 2 Duo processors from Intel and an optional 1440×900 display resolution. Expect to pay upward of $2,200 for the ThinkPad X200s and $2,300 for the ThinkPad X200t.