Google’s market share keeps on climbing

With its competitors struggling and its name becoming increasingly synonymous with web searches in pop culture, you’d expect Google’s market share to be growing steadily. And it is. eWeek quotes new numbers from comScore that say Google secured an impressive 63% of the U.S. search market last month.

The rise comes at the expense of both Yahoo and Microsoft, who saw their respective market shares dip to 19.6% and 8.3% in August. Yahoo’s share fell 0.9 points compared to the month before, while Microsoft’s slipped by 0.6 points. and AOL both enjoyed small increases over the same time period, but with less than 5% of the market each, they’re not exactly major threats to Google.

A quick look back in the TR archives clearly shows the gains Google has made over the past couple of years. In March of 2006, we reported on a study by the same analyst firm—comScore—which said Google had managed to seize 42.3% of the U.S. search market. Back then, Yahoo was in relatively close second position with a 27.6% share, while Microsoft had 13.5%, and AOL had 8%. At this rate, Google might have something like 90% of the search market by 2010.

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