45nm Phenoms to get five-digit model numbers

The switch to 45nm process technology will lead AMD to introduce a new naming scheme for its desktop processors, Expreview has learned. The Chinese site has posted a detailed table showing new model numbers and specifications for ten 45nm Phenom processors. We've transcribed the table below, since Expreview seems to be suffering from server hurdles at the moment:

Processor Cores Socket Speed Cache TDP ETA
Phenom X4 20x00 4 AM3 3.0GHz 8MB 125W Q2 '09
Phenom X4 20550 4 AM2+ 3.0GHz 8MB 125W Q4 '08
Phenom X4 20x00 4 AM3 2.8GHz 8MB - Q1 '09
Phenom X4 20350 4 AM2+ 2.8GHz 8MB 125W Q4 '08
Phenom X4 20x00 4 AM3 2.6GHz 8MB 95W Q1 '09
Phenom X4 16x00 4 AM3 2.8GHz 2MB 95W Q1 '09
Phenom X4 16x00 4 AM3 2.6GHz 3MB 95W Q1 '09
Phenom X3 14x00 3 AM3 2.6GHz 7.5MB 95W Q2 '09
Phenom X3 12x00 3 AM3 2.8GHz 1.5MB 95W Q2 '09
Phenom X3 12x00 3 AM3 2.6GHz 1.5MB 95W Q2 '09

Expreview's information pretty much corroborates the rumors we've been hearing these past few weeks. According to a separate report from September 9, AMD will roll out two 45nm Phenoms with AM2+ packages this year, and it will follow up with four Socket AM3 Phenom X4s in the first quarter of next year (two of which will reportedly be based on a stripped-down design with no L3 cache). That report also said triple-core Phenoms and faster AM3 Phenom X4s are due for the second quarter.

Regarding the detailed specs, we should point out that the cache sizes above actually sum up both L2 and L3 caches. That means the Phenom X3 14x00 may have 512KB of L2 cache per core and 6MB of L3 cache, while the 12x00 might have no L3 cache at all. Oh, and all of the Socket AM3 processors will reportedly support DDR3-1333 memory. Coupled with the relatively high clock speeds, that could give these chips enough punch to outdo current-gen Intel offerings. Nehalem (a.k.a. Core i7) may turn out to be a little out of AMD's league, though.

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