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HP to kill off Voodoo PC?

In late July, we learned that HP planned to absorb Voodoo PC into its consumer business. The move was going to lump Voodoo’s boutique PCs together with HP’s Pavilion and Compaq Presario systems, and it would see HP take care of marketing, sales, and support. At the time, Voodoo founder Rahul Sood praised the change, saying it would make Voodoo systems more accessible.

Now, Techgage claims HP’s plans for Voodoo might be a little more radical than that. This new report mentions that an e-mail is circulating within HP with word of impending layoffs. Techgage elaborates, “VoodooPC itself wouldn’t have that many employees to begin with, so any layoffs could be a sign of what’s to come.”

On top of that, the report says Voodoo has returned 300 power supplies to enthusiast-PSU maker Topower. A few hundred units doesn’t sound like much, but Voodoo supposedly sells “less than 100 of their Omen desktop machines per month.” That nugget of evidence might explain the reasoning behind Voodoo PC’s alleged demise, too. With low sales and an ailing economy, investors could be pressuring HP to abandon Rahul’s brainchild and concentrate on more profitable endeavors.