Core i7 retail cooler revealed

What will your eyes gaze upon when opening an Intel Core i7 processor box? We won't know for sure until launch day, but the people at Mobile01 claim to have one already—and they've posted several pictures of its contents.

Photos of Nehalem processors have already popped up around the web plenty of times, so that part isn't very exciting. Still, Mobile01 took a shot of the 3.2GHz Core i7 965 next to LGA775 and Socket 478 processors for reference, and the Core i7 is quite noticeably larger (maybe because it has a whopping 1366 contacts on the underside).

The meat of Mobile01's photo shoot might well be Intel's Core i7 retail cooler, which mirrors its matching CPU in that it looks significantly bigger than current Intel heatsinks. This specimen has a copper base, roughly half of its fins are copper, and it's both taller and wider than the LGA775 cooler Mobile01 pictured next to it. Intel has apparently stuck to the same rounded design with push pins on the sides, but the (translucent) fan now faces the other way and completely lacks protective housing. That means you'll likely want to keep cables and wires well away.

As intimidating as it might seem, this cooler apparently goes with the top-of-the-line Core i7—the one that's supposed to cost $999, according to an old news report. Coolers for slower Core i7 CPUs could turn out a little smaller, although we did recently hear that all launch Core i7 chips may have 130W thermal envelopes.

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