GTA IV PC to use Games for Windows Live for multiplayer

Setting up multiplayer carjacking rampages in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV will involve using Microsoft's Games for Windows Live network. Shacknews has learned that Rockstar will rely on the network exclusively in the forthcoming GTA IV PC port, which is due out on November 18.

Rockstar founder Sam House explained the decision by pointing out, "Games for Windows Live affords us the opportunity to seamlessly translate the multiplayer console experience for PC gamers." Indeed, the network has much in common with Xbox Live, which Xbox 360 users have been relying on for GTA IV multiplayer since April. GTA IV PC will reportedly benefit from new Games for Windows Live features like "a redesigned game interface, out-of-game client and marketplace," as well.

Will any of this cost money? Aside from the cost of the game itself, probably not. Microsoft announced back in July that it was scrapping the $7.99-a-month Games for Windows Live "Gold" service and making all multiplayer features "entirely free."

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