The honeymoon is over for many Chrome users

Google Chrome made quite an entry into the browser market earlier this month. Within days of Chrome's debut, NewsFactor reports, web watchdog Net Applications found that the browser already accounted for 1.4% of hits on 40,000 sites. This week, Chrome's market share is but a shadow of its former self at just 0.77%.

The explanation for this change seems pretty straightforward. Many Internet Explorer and Firefox users became infatuated with the new browser upon its release, and now they're slowly switching back. Net Applications' data points to a gradual decrease, too, since it pegged Chrome's market share at 0.85% last week. For reference, the firm says Internet Explorer commands 72.15% of the market, Firefox has almost 20%, and Safari sits in third place with 6.37%.

As NewsFactor points out, Google might have to work harder if it wants to snatch away IE and Firefox users for good. Just because Chrome performs well, has a neat user interface, and comes from a company like Google doesn't guarantee its success. Google does have a few tricks up its sleeve to draw in more users, though, like a Firefox-style add-on system and support for custom user scripts.

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