Nvidia, MotionDSP team up to improve consumer videos

Those who tune into our podcasts might already know about MotionDSP, a company that's developing software to effectively add resolution to consumer videos. After their demonstration at Nvision 08 last month, Nvidia and MotionDSP have announced that they've entered a "strategic partnership."

MotionDSP code-names its software Carmel, and Nvidia says the app uses "sophisticated multi-frame methods to track every pixel across dozens of video frames, and reconstruct high-quality video from low-resolution sources." MotionDSP's brainchild can reportedly reduce noise, improve picture resolution, and compensate for poor lighting in videos recorded from cell phones, digital cameras, and camcorders.

As you might imagine, doing that kind of processing on a standard x86 CPU might get kind of slow. That's why Carmel uses Nvidia's CUDA application programming interface to offload work to the GPU. Nvidia claims its GPUs can run Carmel five times faster than multi-core processors, allowing for "real-time performance."

Don't expect to pretty up your LARPing videos at lightning speeds just yet, though. MotionDSP doesn't plan to launch a retail version of Carmel until the first quarter of next year. Until then, you can hit the firm's official Carmel page to learn more and view videos of the software in action.

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