DDR motherboard samples

Although Japanese store "Faith" was expecting the retail version of the Gigabyte GA-7DX DDR motherboard to come in on the twentieth, Monday came and went without the motherboard showing up. What has appeared in other stores are samples of the AMD-760 and the ALi MAGiK1 chipsets (picture here). This AKIBA PC Hotline! story has "T-Zone. PC DIY Shop" receiving a sample of the Gigabyte GA-7DX (picture here). Another store called "Storm" has Microstar's K7 Master-S (picture here). Three other stores have the Iwill KA-266R based on ALi's MAGiK 1 chipset (pics of the retail box and motherboard). Japanese store "Tsukumo" is even taking pre-orders for the retail version of the Iwill KA-266R (picture of their label) which they expect to have in stock by December. There is even a Japanese language version of the manual so a retail release is definitely imminent. In addition to onboard RAID, the KA-266R will have clock speed multipliers of 5x - 12.5x and jumpers that will allow the user to adjust the FSB speeds from 100MHz - 146MHz.

AKIBA PC Hotline! is also reporting that "User's Side" is selling Crucial's DDR memory modules. They are both 128MB sticks and are available in PC1600 and PC2100 flavors. The PC1600 module marked "MT46V8M8-8 B" (DDR200) is a retail version but the PC2100 module labeled "MT46V8M8-75 ES B" (DDR266) is still an engineering sample.

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