Deal of the week: Cheap hard drives and video cards

Yes, hard drives have become somewhat of a staple item in our deal posts, but storage prices are falling at a rapid rate and exciting deals seem crop up every other week. Today, we've spotted a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard drive selling for only $129.99 with free shipping at Newegg.

This drive has lower spindle speeds than conventional 7,200-RPM offerings, but at this price you're paying only 13 cents per gigabyte. Also, we reviewed this drive and found that it performed solidly—at least well enough to store hundreds of gigs of videos and music. The slow spindle makes this puppy pretty quiet and power-efficient, too, hence the "Green" part of the name.

Our second deal candidate is an obvious one. As we found in our review, AMD's $80 Radeon HD 4670 packs enough of a punch to run most of the latest games out there (with the exception of Crysis Warhead) at 1680x1050 or 1280x1024 with the detail turned down a little. We'd probably spend the extra $80-100 on a Radeon HD 4850 ourselves, but the 4670 still offers great value for folks who aren't hardcore gamers.

Newegg currently stocks both Asus and MSI 4670s for $79.99, although shipping is $8.25 on both of them. The MSI offering looks a little more attractive considering its dual DVI ports and the free copy of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 that comes with it, but the Asus card's HDMI port could make it a neat home-theater PC solution.

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