1. x-bit labs reviews Pentium 4 1.4 GHz: part I and part II
  2. Tom's Hardware's Pentium 4 is a work in progress: tweaked MPEG4 encoding
  3. TECH-REVIEW's short and simple Pentium 4 breakdown
  4. Intel Celeron 766 MHz review@AnandTech
Systems and motherboards

  1. WinMe can't handle more than 512MB?
  2. AnandTech's buyer's guide: value systems
  3. PC Review looks at Soltek 68C dual Apollo Pro 133A mainboard
  4. PlanetHardware reviews Soyo SY-7ISA i815E
  5. South Bridge and mainboard chipset news@Digit-Life
Multimedia, gaming & cooling

  1. PowerStrip 3.0 beta
  2. AT reviews Chaintech Desperado RI-91 GF2 GTS 64MB
  3. Tweakers Asylum hosts RCA Lyra RD2201 and Sensory Science Rave MP2000 portable MP3 player catfight
  4. PC STATS reviews NAPA DAV309 CD/MP3 player
  5. G3D reviews 'The Claw'
  6. Glide Underground reviews Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
  7. ProCooling on tackling the copper water block
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