Another take on AMD's processor roadmap

Take these two maps to be educated guesses. This is AMD's desktop CPU roadmap as forecasted by PC Watch's Hiroshige Goto. He has the Thunderbird maxing out at 1.33 GHz and Duron at 850 MHz. Both cores will give way to Palomino and Morgan. He sees Palomino reaching 1.7 GHz before the end of 2001 and Morgan hitting 1.1 GHz in early 2002. 2002 also marks the (simultaneous) debuts of ClawHammer which he pegs at 2 GHz and Thoroughbred with Appaloosa to follow in mid-2002. Goto also has AMD's CPU core map. This map is divided into the following (from top to bottom): workstation / server, performance desktop, value desktop, performance mobile, and performance value (mobile). The two little notes are of the disappearances of the Mustang (top note) and the mobile version of the Spitfire / Duron (bottom note). According to this map, SledgeHammer looks good to go in late Q3 or Q4 2002.
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