MacBooks have 35% dollar share for store-bought laptops

Industry watchers have been commenting on the rise of Apple laptops for years now. How popular those systems have become may surprise you, though. Quoting NPD numbers, Microsoft Watch reports that MacBooks represented about 20% of sales at U.S. brick-and-mortar stores in June and July.

A fifth of store unit sales isn't anything to scoff at, and Apple's revenue share is even higher, at 35%. As Microsoft Watch points out, that means MacBook sales account for one out of every three dollars consumers spent on notebooks in U.S. retail stores. Of course, Apple does have much higher average selling prices than its competitors. Older NPD numbers suggest Mac laptops cost an average of $1,515 in June 2008, while Windows laptop prices averaged just $700.

Microsoft Watch believes Apple's success might not last, however. The rise of low-cost netbooks could skew numbers in favor of Windows and Linux, and Microsoft's new "I'm a PC" ad campaign and related efforts could make regular Windows notebooks more appealing to users. Still, Apple has plenty of room to respond. Gadget blogs and Mac rumor sites have hinted that next-gen MacBooks will debut next month with lower price tags.

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