Wednesday Shortbread


  1. C|Net: would Apple really shutter iTunes? Unlikely
  2. Apple's iPhone heading to Verizon
  3. C|Net reports Intel bucks gloom with upgrade
  4. TSMC says to use 28nm chips by early 2010
  5. Western Digital ShareSpace storage systems offer up to 4TB of storage in a small footprint
  6. Lenovo ready for next acquisition: report
  7. Media, technology companies unite to fight piracy
  8. Film studios, RealNetworks battle over DVD copying
  9. Norway consumer body challenges Apple over iTunes
  10. Toshiba demos notebook with super-charge ion battery
  11. DailyTech reports California legislators urge DOJ to stay out of Google-Yahoo deal
  12. Fudzilla reports Corsair thinks SSDs don't make sense yet
  13. has Asus Rampage II Extreme ES board specs and screenshot
  14. TG Daily - for your Christmas wish list: LaCie's ridiculously expensive 30" LED LCD
  15. Tech ARP's desktop graphics card comparison guide rev. 14.9
  16. Win a 1200W be quiet! PSU by entering Overclock3D's latest poll
Software and gaming

  1. Skype 4.0 beta 2 gives you more to say
  2. Nero 9 debuts
  3. Apple iPhone 3G firmware 2.1 update: more battery life?
  4. TG Daily reports iPhone 2.2 beta 1 firmware brings tweaks, store improvements
  5. Google's Update Engine, a software updating framework for Mac OS X
  6. Ars Technica reports Adobe begs Apple to allow Flash on iPhone, again
  7. SuperSite for Windows looks at the Windows Live Wave 3 applications
  8. There are some reports that new Xbox 360 model 'Jasper' may be out
  9. Hinterland is now available on Steam
  10. Electronic Arts suspends work on 'Tiberium' game
  11. Forbes: requiem for the hardcore gamer
  12. Shacknews has Resistance 2 interview: Ted Price speaks
    on Gears of War rivalry, games legislation, and the future
  13. bit-tech's release day nerves editorial (games)
  14. Gaming Heaven reviews Brothers in Arms - Hell's Highway (PS3 & Xbox 360)
  15. Frontlines: Fuel of War patch 1.2.0

  1. Modders-Inc reviews Sapphire HD 4670
  2. FiringSquad and Legit Reviews on AMD Radeon HD 4550
  3. HardwareZone on when budget graphics clash: GeForce 9400 GT meets Radeon HD 4550
  4. TestFreaks review Cygnett GrooveAtomic - high performance earphones
  5. Everything USB reviews Creative HS-1000 Fatal1ty USB gaming headset
  6. Hardware Secrets and Overclock3D review OCZ Dominatrix gaming mouse
  7. NGOHQ reviews Logitech G9 mouse
  8. [OC]ModShop reviews Nova Master 8000dpi professional mouse pad
  9. TheTechLounge reviews E-Blue Mini Nova USB Bluetooth adapter
  10. Futurelooks reviews NYKO Charge Base 360 dual controller charging system
  11. bit-tech's mod of the month - September 2008
  12. TweakPC reviews Lian Li PC-A01 case (in German)
  13. TweakTown reviews Noctua NH-U12DO workstation CPU cooler
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