TR Forum Tidings: What do you look for in PC games?

We haven't done tidings posts in a while, but the forums definitely deserve some attention, so here goes. Shaq_mobile has posted a thread in our Gaming subforum to ask what other TR gerbils look for in their PC games. His starter post kicks off with easy questions—in what kind of genre does your perfect PC game fit, and what kind of multiplayer does it offer (if any)—but moves on to trickier ones. Does the ideal game need graphics on par with Crysis to be good, and how should it succeed where others have failed? How much should it cost?

TR gerbil SecretMaster mistook the question for a school assignment, but other members were quick to follow up with interesting responses. Hoser enjoys long, immersive games, and he thinks they should cost no more than $50. BoBzeBuilder looks for things like teamwork, humor, nice visuals—think Team Fortress 2—but he'd also like more realism, adventure, and puzzles to solve. SecretMaster eventually returned with his two cents, too, saying games should do artificial intelligence better.

What's your ideal PC game? Do you long for the return of point-and-click LucasArts adventure titles or yearn for something with dazzling, photorealistic graphics and a movie-like storyline? Feel free to share your thoughts by hitting our forums. Make sure you register first, though.

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