An AMD feast at "Custom PC World"

AKIBA PC Hotline! covers "Custom PC World." This is an event that is taking place this weekend in Japan. Yawn. Why do you care? Well, there is some good stuff involving AMD and up and coming DDR motherboards on exhibit. For starters, check out this brand new Athlon overclocking item. Melco has something called an "Athlon / Duron overclocking seal." See, by using this puppy to cover them L1 golden bridges, you no longer need a lead pencil or an electrically conductive pen. Just strap it on, Sally, and wee! They took an Athlon 1.1 GHz and overclocked it to 1.5 GHz. The benefit of this seal is that you don't have to worry about being too rough and potentially defacing or cracking your Socket A processor. Neat, huh? Too bad there are no plans to bring this product to market but if you were lucky enough to be there, you could buy it as a special item for 498 yen. At the current exchange rate of about 110 yen to a dollar, that sets you back about $4.50. Melco has a press release announcing that they will have DDR memory modules for sale in the second half of December. Here are two pictures of PC2100 memory sticks: the non-ECC "DD266-256M" and the ECC "DD266-E256M."

One booth had a Pentium 4 1.4 GHz locking horns with an Athlon 1.13 GHz w/DDR in a "3D graphics challenge demo." The two machines were rendering 3D graphics in real time. The Athlon reported faster framerates and looked noticeably smoother than the Pentium 4. There was also a PowerNow! demo which showed the CPU clocking up and down speed as necessary while playing back a DVD video but this was mostly a gala event for Socket A motherboards. The notables include the following (click for pictures):

  • Asus A7M266: 266 MHz bus and DDR memory support with optional 3Com 10/100Base LAN controller
  • Soyo SY-K7ALA-R: mobo based on the ALi MAGiK 1 chipset
  • Soyo SY-K7SSM: Socket A motherboard based on the SiS730 which includes onboard sound and LAN controller
  • Soyo SY-K7VMM: VIA Apollo KM133 Socket A solution with Savage 4
  • MSI K7 Master & K7 Master-S: DDR motherboards (the S is for onboard Ultra160 SCSI support)
  • MSI K7T Turbo: VIA KT133 motherboard supporting both the 200 MHz and 266 MHz FSB processors
  • MSI MS-6353: Apollo KM133 micro ATX mainboard
  • MSI MS-6380: the only board on display based on the Apollo KT266 chipset
  • EPoX EP-8K7A: DDR motherboard with onboard IDE RAID
  • EPoX EP-8KTA3: 200 MHz and 266 MHz FSB support like the MSI K7T Turbo but ups the ante with an onboard IDE RAID controller
  • EPoX EP-8LKA: another motherboard based on the ALi MAGiK 1 chipset
  • FIC AD11: AMD-760 chipset
  • FIC AZ11E: featuring an animated character and a talking BIOS? with "Audio Alert II" and "Logo Genie"
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