Transmeta's little big thing

Like a post-Maximum-PC-party hangover, our Comdex coverage lingers, with Andy taking us on a very nifty picture tour of the bounty of Transmeta-based devices coming our way in the next few months. Transmeta held a free-wheeling little cocktails-and-finger-food event to show off the goods, and we were very much impressed at how teensy, slim, versatile, and powerful these puppies were. We didn't anticipate Transmeta's tech being fleshed out in such an innovative manner. Devices based on the Crusoe processor look to pump much-needed life into the subnotebook and 'net appliance markets.

Now being enamored with large, heavily overclocked PCs in monstrous tower cases, I generally couldn't give a flip about such things, but these Crusoe-based systems were just cool. They're small enough to go places a normal laptop would never go. Go have a look and see what I mean.

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