Deal of the week: A Radeon HD 4850 for $160 (or $140)

Since its debut at $200, AMD's Radeon HD 4850 has been slowly shedding digits from its price tag. We saw it dip to $180, then to $170, and now we see Newegg sells one for just $160 with free three-day shipping.

The card in question is a Sapphire model with reference clock speeds and a non-reference cooler. Instead of AMD's single-slot heatsink and fan combo, Sapphire uses a dual-slot cooler shaped a bit like a saucepan with protruding handles. Several Newegg user reviews say the contraption keeps things plenty cool, though. And since 77% of all Newegg reviewers gave this card a five-star rating, we'd wager they're pretty happy with it.

Sapphire dumps the usual batch of connectors and adapters in the box, but don't expect any free games or lifetime warranty coverage—you're getting what you pay for in that respect. Speaking of which, Newegg offers a $20 mail-in rebate until October 8, so you might walk away with this card for only $140. Those who've read our review of the 4850 will likely agree that's a sweet deal.

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