Fusion-io preps super-fast SSD for enthusiasts

Right now, Western Digital's 10,000-RPM Raptor and VelociRaptor mechanical hard drives probably get the most love from performance-hungry enthusiasts. Enterprise solid-state-drive maker Fusion-io has now announced that it plans to tap into the same market with a super-fast SSD.

Dubbed the ioXtreme, Fusion-io's SSD delivers 80GB of solid-state storage "designed for the world's fastest supercomputers" on a PCI Express card. The guys at TG Daily spoke to Fusion-io Chief Technology Officer David Flynn, who asserted that the ioXtreme card "will be able to hit a data throughput of 500 MB/s to 700 MB/s." In other words, the drive will supposedly be 20 times faster than conventional hard drives and five times speedier than mainstream SSDs.

Even Intel's X25-M SSD has a rated sustained read rate of "only" 250MB/s, so the ioXtreme could indeed zoom past the competition if it lives up to Fusion-io's claims. That leaves the question of whether enthusiasts will want to part with a grand (or slightly less) for just 80GB of storage capacity. Fusion-io says the drive will be available in the first quarter of next year at "under $1000."

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