Core i7-powered Skulltrail may arrive in early 2009

What if you could have two CPUs capable of chewing through 16 threads simultaneously in your desktop PC? That’s probably not going to be cheap no matter what, but German site Hardware Aktuell says you can look forward to something like that from Intel next year: the company is cooking up a Core i7-flavored version of its Skulltrail enthusiast platform.

The first-generation Skulltrail platform features a strange mix of server and desktop hardware, setting re-badged workstation processors together in a dual-CPU motherboard that supports both CrossFire and SLI multi-GPU configurations. Hardware Aktuell’s story doesn’t say much about the Core i7 version of Skulltrail, but it mentions the platform will retain support from both AMD’s and Nvidia’s multi-GPU schemes.

Skulltrail v2.0 reportedly won’t come out until early 2009, but we may get a peek at it before then. The story goes on to say Intel could demo its new baby at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei, Taiwan on October 20-21, much like it did last year with the first Skulltrail iteration.

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