Diamond straps 1GB of memory to Radeon HD 4670

As if following some ancient tradition, graphics-card makers seem to strap huge amounts of memory to sub-par graphics cards with every new generation. AMD's $80 Radeon HD 4670 doesn't really fit the "sub-par" description, since it performs well enough if you don't mind missing out on eye candy, but it hasn't escaped the fate of its forebears.

Indeed, Diamond has announced a Radeon HD 4670 variant with a whopping 1GB of memory. The Diamond 4670PE31G runs at the stock 750MHz clock speed, and its gig of GDDR3 memory ticks away at 900MHz. That might actually make the card a little slower overall than the reference design, which has 512MB of 1GHz GDDR3 RAM. On the upside, though, Diamond hasn't stepped down to DDR2 as some manufacturers do to shoehorn more memory on low-end cards.

Diamond says its new card "will be available at Fry's, Micro Center, Best Buy Canada, and Future Shop immediately." Online retailers won't start offering it until the third week of this month. Diamond doesn't mention pricing, but we wouldn't be surprised if the extra memory came at a premium—especially since some upscale 512MB 4670 models already retail for up to $100.

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