Super Talent offers Eee PC SSD upgrades

Solid-state-drive makers seem eager to cater to netbooks lately. Following in a similar vein as Samsung and Toshiba, Super Talent has announced a batch of three SSDs designed specifically for Asus' Eee PC line. Instead of offering the same 8-32GB capacities as its rivals, Super Talent is going right up to 64GB, with 32GB and 16GB SSDs thrown in for good measure.

Super Talent rates the FPM16GHAE, FPM32GHAE, and FPM64GHAE for maximum read and write speeds of 40MB/s and 15MB/s, respectively. Those speeds aren't sky-high by any stretch of the term, but neither are the firm's suggested prices. The 64GB drive is launching at $149, while the 32GB model costs $79, and the 16GB drive has a price tag of just $53.

Considering how inconvenient we found the combination of slow and fast flash drives in the Eee PC 901, some users could find Super Talent's new offerings a blessing—at least, if they're fast enough. We'd probably recommend going with an Eee PC that has a good-old mechanical hard drive (like the Eee PC 1000H) in the first place, though.

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